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REIN Hosts Model-A-Thon for Bentley University Actuarial Students

If an AI system is piloting a vehicle and it crashes, who or what is at fault? That is the question we proposed to actuarial students at Bentley University in Massachusetts at REIN’s 2018 Model-a-thon. Eleven students set out to identify, quantify and model risk in emerging technologies, and to present creative solutions to complex problems.
We sat down with Paul Bendevis, an Artificial Intelligence Engineer at REIN and the mastermind behind this Model-a-thon to go over the event and his thoughts on the role of AI in addressing today’s evolving risk landscape.
At REIN, we are constantly looking for ways to build and refine insurance products around evolving risks. In an era where customer behavior, large online ecosystems, and massive amounts of unstructured data are changing and structurally transforming the nature of risk, the REIN platform empowers carriers and ecosystems to unlock new revenue streams and bring AI-powered digital insurance products to market faster.
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